pick1 [pik]
[ME pykken, var. of picchen, to PITCH2]
Weaving to throw (a shuttle)
1. one passage or throw of the shuttle of a loom
2. one of the weft threads, or filling yarns
pick2 [pik]
[ME pike < OE pic,PIKE4]
1. a heavy tool used as in breaking up soil or rock: the metal head is long, narrow, and slightly curved, and pointed at one or both ends, with a wooden handle fitted into its center
2. any of several pointed tools or instruments for picking: usually in combination [toothpick]
a) a slender, plastic pin used to hold hair rollers in place
b) a comb with widely spaced teeth, used for fine, curly hair
pick3 [pik]
[ME picken, akin to MDu picken, pecken, ON pikka; prob. infl. by OFr piquer, to pierce < pic,PIKE2]
1. to break up, pierce, or dig up (soil, rock, etc.) with something sharply pointed; use a pick on
2. to make or form (a hole) with something pointed
a) to dig, probe, or scratch at with the fingers or with something pointed in an attempt to remove
b) to clear something from (the teeth) in this way
4. to remove by pulling as with the fingers; specif., to pluck or gather (flowers, berries, etc.)
5. to clear (something) in this way; specif.,
a) to prepare (a fowl) by removing the feathers
b) to remove the fruit from (a tree, orchard, etc.)
a) to take up (food, etc.) in small pieces, as a bird with its bill; peck
b) to eat sparingly or daintily
7. to pull (fibers, rags, etc.) apart
8. to choose; select; cull
9. to look for and find excuse or occasion for (a quarrel or fight)
10. to look for purposefully and find [to pick flaws ]
a) to pluck (the strings on a guitar, banjo, etc.)
b) to play (a guitar, banjo, etc.) in this way
12. to open (a lock) as with a wire instead of a key, esp. in a stealthy manner
13. to steal from (another's pocket, purse, etc.)
1. to eat sparingly or fussily
2. to thieve or pilfer
3. to use a pick
4. to gather growing berries, flowers, etc.
5. to be picked [grapes pick easily]
6. to select or choose, esp. in a careful or fussy manner
7. to play the guitar, banjo, etc.
1. the act of picking; stroke or blow with something pointed
a) the act or right of choosing
b) the person or thing chosen; choice
3. the best or most desirable one or ones
4. the amount of a crop picked at one time
5. Basketball SCREEN (n. 9)
pick and choose
to choose or select carefully
pick apart or pick to pieces
1. to separate or tear into many parts
2. to find flaws in by examining critically
pick at
1. to eat small portions of, esp. in a dainty or fussy manner
2. Informal to nag at; find fault with
3. to toy or meddle with; finger
pick off
1. to remove by picking or plucking
2. to hit with a carefully aimed shot
3. Baseball to throw out (a base runner taking a lead) by means of a throw from the pitcher or catcher before or after a pitch
pick on
1. to choose; select
2. Informal to single out as for abuse or criticism; annoy; tease
pick one's way
to progress slowly, choosing each move with care
pick out
1. to choose; select
2. to single out from or recognize among a group; distinguish
3. to make out (meaning or sense)
4. to play (a tune) note by note, as on a piano
pick over
to examine (a number of things) item by item; sort out
pick up
1. to grasp and raise or lift; take up
2. to get, gain, find, or learn, esp. by chance or in a casual manner
3. to stop for and take or bring along
4. to take into custody; arrest
5. to accelerate; gain (speed)
6. to regain (health, power, efficiency, etc.); improve
7. to resume (an activity) after a pause
a) to see, hear, discern, etc.
b) to receive or be in range to receive (a radio or TV transmission, esp. a distant or weak one)
a) to find and travel along (a route or trail)
b) to find and follow [the dog picked up the scent ]
10. to make neat; tidy up
11. to take (a bill) with the intention of paying it
12. Informal to become acquainted with casually or informally, often with hope of sexual activity
☆ pick up on Informal
1. to become aware of, understand, appreciate, etc.
2. to start to do or use

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